Killing Off Our Foundations

Sometimes I worry that humanity is killing off variants in our species that have actually made the success of our species possible. Variants that thrive on going slower, being more contemplative, engaging in activities that don’t look glamorous or desirable on social media, but make up the steady foundation of human evolution. Having a steady (read ‘boring’) foundation is essential for any living system, and in Western society we’ve made life so difficult for that foundation to thrive, even within ourselves. We exalt the Type-A personalities in our culture – those driven, focused individuals that are always hustling, always one step ahead – and we allow them to take up a lot of space in our social landscapes. 

Type-A personalities are never satisfied, never content. Like an addict, they are always searching for their next project, their next conquest, their next hundred followers, their next million dollars. And there is a significant argument to be made that this discontent is good for humanity – after all, these individuals are our explorers, and help push progress forward. 

But, while innovators sit at upper levels of the pyramid, there wouldn’t even be a pyramid without much wider and populated foundations. The slower variants cannot keep up with our Type-A personalities, and because of that we are losing the foundations that have allowed us to thrive until this point in our evolution.

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